Reality Lag Games

Reality Lag’s prototype games

These are our best prototype games that we’ve made the past few years. All of these are made during our 100-hour-per-game projects which you can read more about here. None of them are polished or finished, so if you guys show a lot of interest in one of them, we may consider opening up that project again and rounding some of the sharp edges on the games. Simply let us know what you think on Twitter @rltylag, Facebook or by sending an email to

Some of the games are made for a single player and some are made for two players.

Click any of them to read more and try them out.

Single player games

You can play these on your own.

Fatcamp Frenzy Evolution

Two player games

You can play these on one keyboard with a friend.

Kat & Maus

Sisyfos Dance Macabre